Augmenting Spending Behavior

Escaping Poverty

Turning wildflowers into cash.

Turning wildflowers into money with a little picture.

In order to escape poverty one must consider the important aspects of augmentation. Today with an introductory message for those of you who are visiting our site for the first time we’ll write a bit about the activity of augmenting your income. Income is a touchy subject in the media these days. Women would like to augment their salaries quickly and regain ground lost over the span of history to the male employee. There are those looking to augment their anatomies in areas too private to discuss here. I must imagine this is a multi million dollar enterprise since someone is taking the time to augment my junk mail folder with daily additions to this topic.


You may be scratching your head and wondering what the word augment means as I’ve used it a few times in the writing above. Here’s a quick definition as summarized by me from the dictionary.

Augment – [verb awg-ment; noun awg-ment]

verb (objectival)

  1. to make larger; enlarge, increase in number strength or extent
  2. to raise in volume
  3. to become larger


  1. a mark denoting a sound not present in the spelling of a word in ancient languages such as Koine Greek.

Consider for a moment that you are looking to escape poverty. You might sum up your desires with a statement like, “I want to get rich.” Unfortunately, it this very statement that will keep you from ever freeing yourself from poverty. Poverty after all is not the inability to gain money but the inability to retain it in an increasing manner. In other words. If you want to get rich you have to live poor. Eventually as your wealth increases you might find your standard of living increasing as well but for your income to be augmented your discipline in the market place will have to be augmented as well. You should increase in frugality and in doing so you will find your pocket book is much weightier.


I’m going to useĀ a word of the day and encourage you to seek out the saporific discipline that will lead you to a healthier and more abundant tomorrow. Controlling what you give away brings you greater power over what you have. This applies not only to your cash and monetary value but your time, interests, and investments in community. If you first consider the ramifications of spending your time doing any activity, watching television programs for example, then you will then have a better understanding of what will bring you wealth and what will sap your wealth of time, energy and money.

Remember the trick to escaping poverty is a slow and arduous task that will require you to make seemingly massive personal changes for the sake of slow and sometimesĀ invisible augmentation of your lifestyle. This is not a trick though. The truth is if you’re looking to escape poverty then you should consider working, saving, depriving self.


One way to accomplish this is to set for yourself a goal. A certain amount of savings a certain way of life that would be a sign that you have overcome the obstacles of poverty and can again begin to give into some of your more inherent desires. Shopping, buying and acquiring is always a human instinct and the escape from poverty is simply choosing our priorities with regards to our passions. Controlling those passions is the key. Consider yourself warned and begin augentum-ing your life.…